plant dyed fabric

Beautiful plant dyed fabric of India Flint.

"As a small girl I loved to sit on the front stoop with my grandmother, listening to her telling stories as the sun gradually set. My favourite was that of the princess who finds herself alone in the forest and must make her clothing from what she can find…leaves, grass and wisps of fur caught on the bushes. I imagined the dress of leaves pinned together with thorns, bejeweled with luminous beetles and dewdrops. This was my dream dress and featured heavily in the drawings that covered my schoolbooks..." (from HandEye magazine)

Australian textile artist India Flint is an artist and writer specializing in bio-regional, ecologically sustainable plant dyes. http://www.indiaflint.com

Her book Eco Colour: The essence of plants bursts forth in magnificent hues and surprising palettes. Using dyes of the leaves, roots, and flowers to color your cloth and yarn can be an amazing journey into botanical alchemy. InEco Colour, artistic dyer and colorist India Flint teaches you how to cull and use this gentle and ecologically sustainable alternative to synthetic dyes. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8152509-eco-colour