real men knit

It seems truckers have taken to knitting and quilting during their downtime at truckstops!

Kevin Abraham-Banks, a 37-year-old trucker with a shaved head and dragon tattoos learned to knit last year.
Creating something tangible beats sitting around the truck stop 'talking about who has a bigger radio,' He's finished a scarf and socks, and is working on a sweater for his wife.
'The fact that you can take strands of thread and basically make something out of it, that's awesome I think, It's pretty cool stuff, man.'

Thomas McConnaughy, a married grandfather from Hemet, Calif., hauls cereal, reads his Bible, plays Sudoku, and talks trout fishing at truck stops. He doesn't let on to other drivers that he keeps 15 coils of yarn in his cab and makes what he describes as "really cute slippers."

'In the truck stops, it's usually a bunch of guys watching football, if I sat down with my knitting, I think there would be some funny remarks.'