shawne major

Just discovered Shawne Major's amazing tapestry work.
Above photos of Portal to Portal; 88" x 60" large mixed media tapestry containing thousands of objects: flour sacks, small dolls, doll heads, doll hair, artificial birds and butterflies, crocheted doilies, lace, silk flowers, yarn, beads, and more

From her artist statement:"Within my art practice I use a bricoleur approach to create a magical and sacred space that is a celebration (and critique) of ideas, memories and fragments of experience associated with growing up in Southwestern Louisiana.
Materials and the processes by which they are joined are crucial to production of my meaning. These object and material choices draw heavily upon my identity as a woman of a working class southern background.Childhood memories are relevant here because survival strategies and basic belief systems are formed before adulthood.The processes of sewing, weaving, binding, patching and crocheting, connect these disparate elements and are as integral as the objects themselves. They evoke labor, women’s work and tradition and are slow, meditative, obsessive and additive."