children's art

Two talented young friends visited over the weekend and created these (top two photos) wonderful creations!
I love the chalk drawing underneath the fabric and the personality and confidence of the drawing!

(More photos from my art teaching in California.) I have been lucky to work with children of all ages and to view firsthand the freedom of expression that pours easily from them when they are given a safe unbiased space in which to create.

According to research, art can increase fine motor skills, reading and writing ability, and verbal and visual vocabulary.
Art not only increases their skill level and artistic ability, but also their confidence as human beings.
Children who are exposed to the arts at a young age are more likely to try new things, go outside the lines when problem solving, and express themselves more visually and verbally.

Interesting reading about children's art: Your Child and His Art by Viktor Lowenfeld
Viktor Lowenfeld's Stages of Artistic Development: http://www.d.umn.edu/~jbrutger/Lowenf.html

Learning timeline: http://www.learningdesign.com/Portfolio/DrawDev/kiddrawing.html

Fantastic arts center where I learned everything I know about teaching art: http://www.armoryarts.org/