Maysey Craddock

I saw the Maysey Craddock show at Nancy Margolis Gallery this weekend. (last day of the show) Very interesting work but I still have a question about using found paper bags. I love the look and texture but am concerned with how archival the paper bags will be. I spoke with the gallery owner and she said Maysey sprays the back of the bags to make the paper archival. She didn't really know much about it other than that and basically said she trusted the artist. I do love the sewn parts of the paintings and her use of gouache. Interesting show.

From the gallery press release:
Craddock uses photographs of the deteriorating landscape around her as the starting point and inspiration. Captivated and surprised by the beauty in these environments, she translates her impression into beautiful abstract paintings.
As her canvas she paints on recycled grocery bags sewn together with silk thread. This common material, often stained and ragged, has an interesting surface texture which adds to the feeling and emotion expressed in her images. The everyday, used quality of the brown paper bags gives her work a distinct character emphasizing the once new and discarded quality her images of urban wilderness portray.