YIELD: Making Fashion Without Making Waste

Yield is the first exhibition of zero-waste clothing designers in the world. Zero-waste describes a way of designing clothes where there is no scrap left after the cutting out -  in current design processes 15% of the fabric is wasted.

Sustainability in fashion design can be explored through tons of approaches, from selecting the materials, to the process of making, to considerations of use of garment and to the possibilities regarding end-of-life.

The work of passionate international fashion designers has a new ambition – to make fashion without making waste. They share a passion for reducing waste without compromising style. The show features works of renown fashion designers, such as Zandra Rhodes and Yeohlee Teng. All the exhibited garments have been created with little or zero fabric waste.

Exhibiting Designers:
Natalie Chanin, Carla Fernandez, Sam Formo, Julia Lumsden, Holly McQuillan, Caroline Priebe, Timo Rissanen, Julian Roberts, Tara St. James, David Telfer, Yeohlee Teng, Jennifer Whitty

Textile Arts Center Gallery
505 Carroll St, Park Slope, NY
Open to the Public: September 10th - December 2nd