artist Barbara Wisnoski


Beautiful textile work from artist Barbara Wisnoski.
Artist Statement: “Happily freed from precision, this is cutting and sewing as mantra, as pure, riotous activity.
I harness traditional textile-piecing techniques to explore structure and process, and the interplay between surface and depth. As structure, these pieces juxtapose tactile and pictorial fields. As maniacally repetitive process, they embody the meaning I derive from textiles and ritual, and carry contradictory connotations of repetition’s beauty and innate absurdity..

I am interested in the relationship between texture and time. The process of building a piece, whereby a fabric loses its singular quality and becomes part of the whole, reminds me of how time washes a harmonious patina over objects and memories. The prospect of decay is key to the work: seeing how pieces done long ago have changed over time reminds me that they were made from living fibres and, like us, evolve and deteriorate. Also like us, these pieces become more themselves, therefore more beautiful, with age."

From an interview: "I create murals and wall installations from repurposed clothing using a method inspired by traditional quilt-piecing techniques. Cloth is sewn together and then repeatedly slashed apart, re-sorted and re-sewn, fracturing and dispersing individual fabrics in a process that melds surface and structure, and embodies the beauty, comfort and absurdity of repetition."