Shilpa Chavan

Shilpa Chavan, Mumbai milliner, stylist and designer has transformed objects such as empty plastic bottles, children's toys, rubber flip flops and  underwear into spectacular sculptures that rest upon the body.

“It’s got less to do with being Indian,” she says, “than it is about looking at shapes and objects differently. When I find a shape, be it a rubber slipper or a paper kite, the first thing I think of is how it could be worn on the head. Then I think downwards into jewellery and other accessories like badges, belts…but it really starts with the shape.”

"I don't plan the collections," Chavan says. "I pick up things because I feel they are interesting and then I hoard them. I let them lie for a while until I start feeling strongly about what I can do with a piece, and it can take years to figure that out."