A walk through time in London

I thought these photos were amazing and show a fantastic contrasting view of the modern world with the past. After seeing the work of photographer C.A. Matthew in London, photographer Adam Tuck was inspired to revisit the locations of the pictures taken a century ago. Blending his current photographs from 2012 with those from 1912, he has created a new series of compelling images. The people of today co-exist in the same space with people of the past and the photographs capture time passing during the last one hundred years.

One Saturday in 1912, C.A.Mathew walked out of Liverpool St Station with a camera in hand. No-one knows for certain why he chose to wander through the streets of Spitalfields London taking photographs that day. How populated his photos are. The streets were fuller in those days. It is a joy to see so many children playing in the street, a sight no longer to be seen in many parts of London. 

From Tuck's website: This project sought to illustrate the continuing influence of a territory's past upon its present. C A Mathew's photography of East London's Spitalfields in 1912 (used courtesy of the Bishopsgate Institute) have been blended with shots retaken at the same spots in 2012, to create the illusion of people and elements interacting across the century.

Photographs and original text from: http://spitalfieldslife.com
Photographer Adam Tuck's website: http://www.abaculus.co.uk
For more original images: http://spitalfieldslife.com/2012/04/20/c-a-mathew-photographer-2/