Travis Jefferys of Pot Black Ceramics

Through his company Pot Black Ceramics, an Australian-based ceramicist, Travis Jefferys supplies handmade crockery including plates, bowls and cups to some of the Melbourne's swankiest restaurants. He likes “playing with mud” as he calls it, and has studied pottery for 20 years. After working as a Landscape Architect and Interior Designer, he got back into spinning the wheel after realizing he was “taking things out of the world, and wanted to put something back”.

Working from his studio, Jeffreys exclusively uses Australian clays. Each piece of clay eventually becomes a bowl, plate or cup that is slightly different, imperfect and unique. The potter used to try and make every piece as uniform as possible, but now realises the small differences are what gives his work it character.

He believes people are drawn to hand-made products because they capture a part of the maker. “There’s an energy or an essence that you’re sharing. It’s subtle, even subconscious, but I think we yearn for that. Through hand made products we can tap into that connection.”