Atsushi Wada

"I think that books and documentaries have a lot of influence on me. When I hear words I imagine pictures. Subtle gestures or behaviours create a kind of flash of realization in me." 

With a single mechanical pencil as his constant companion, working continuously and almost entirely self-schooled, the cutting-edge animator Atsushi Wada is known for his unique, surrealist works.
What was it that got you making animation in the first place?

"I started making sketches in 2002 when I was still at univeristy. When I'd made some pictures that I felt happy with, I thought how cool it would be to make them move, just in a simple way. It was less a wish to animate them per se, and rather a wish to give each movement, such as a character turning round for example, that sense of tension, that space that comes about through placing an action on the axis of time. And that's when it all begun."

Born in 1980 in Japan. Studied at Osaka Kyoiku University and the Image Forum Film Research Institute, before taking a Masters in Film at Tokyo University of the Arts. A self-taught animator, Atsushi has been making animation works since 2002 which are known for their playful sense of space and movement. He is currently a part-time lecturer at OsakaUniversity, member of the Japan Animation Society and member of CALF. Has been living in London since summer 2011 as part of a one-yearlong programme from the Japanese Ministry of Culture to support young artists.