artist susanna bauer

"I go walking. I find a leaf, a piece of driftwood - or sometimes it finds me.  I take it home and its new life begins. "

Susanna Bauer describes her works as ‘a series of individual stories that evolve and shape themselves in the process of making’. She has worked in the television and film industry as a model maker for over 16 years, making objects like King Arthur's chalice, cheeses for Wallace and Gromit, miniature buildings, robots and spaceships! Always driven by a love of making and working with her hands, she now makes small sculptural objects with found natural materials. She uses crochet as her method of creating, working with very fine hooks and thin yarn to transform her finds into objects that carry their own narrative. Leaves are shaped into cubes or become encircled in delicate lace. Pieces of driftwood grow woolen cocoons or transform into abstract figures. Her work explores the tension between fragility and strength, form and texture, preconception and interpretation.