artist Sarah Burwash

"Delicate yet strong, charming but also intense."
These are some of the words that have been used to describe artist Sarah Burwash's art.

"My work is largely inspired by women's stories which I most often gather through books. I read a lot of journals, memoirs and biographies by women who were brazen and persistent in forging for a new social order. I am interested in investigating the changes in gender roles and our relationships to home, landscape and tradition.
Most recently I have been diving into Anais Nin's journals, the book Women Who Run With Wolves and also the book Women of the Goldrush, which tells stories of women who hiked the Chilkoot trail up to the Yukon during the Goldrush. Stories of women challenging the norm and not excepting the limits set before them.
I have more recently become interested in digging up my family history, more specifically my Norwegian history, very much intrigued by the rural lifestyles, the folklore and the landscape. I am very interested in storytelling with ambiguity. "