Gerhard Richter tapestries

I wish I could take the next flight out to see these amazing new works in person! I love it when an artist uses a new medium. The Gagosian Gallery in London is showing a group of four tapestries based on a single abstract painting by Gerhard Richter. 
Going from paint to wool, Richter’s abstraction gives a traditional medium new excitement. Based on Abstract Painting (724-4) (1990), they are an example of his distinctive approach to non-representational painting. The visual effect of the tapestries is Rorschach-like, multiplying the forms and colors of the original canvas. Woven on a mechanical loom, each tapestry repeats four times the image of one area of the painting. Since the tapestries are all derived from the same painting, they are similar yet different. This exhibition is a must-see for all creative types. The way Richter takes his style of painting and transfers it to a new medium is amazing and may inspire you to experiment with surface, texture and materials in your own work.