artist ann roth

North Carolina weaver Ann Roth has been weaving since 1975. It was at a weaving workshop with a basket maker that "everything came together," she says "That was the moment I turned into a weaver. I bought my loom in 1975 and have used the same one ever since."

"I got into textiles by way of my grandmother, who taught me to sew. That got me into making my own clothes, all the way through college. I loved the fabrics, colors, textures," she said.

Before she begins to weave on her loom, she applies color to a white cloth that acts as her canvas. Before she cuts the lengthwise strips, she dyes the entire piece of fabric using a Japanese process called shibori to create patterns by wrapping, binding, folding and clamping.

For the crosswise fabric, she first measures out the strips then dyes those using ikat, a Japanese resist-dyeing method. Weaving together the warp and weft, she constructs a composition of color and texture. Color is central to all of Roth's work. Using the dyed strips, she can layer color in interesting ways. "When you look at the world, the first impression you get is color," said Roth, "It's an energy source for me. I like subtle combinations; I like bold combinations."

Artist Statement: I play with color and pattern to create the illusion of layered, deep and contemplative spaces in my weavings. Printed fabrics and textile structures, historic textiles from many cultures, and the landscape provide inspiration for my work. For the warp, whole cloth is shibori-dyed and ripped into ½” strips. For the weft, 1” strips of cloth are measured and ikat-dyed. Variations in the overlapping of colors in the warp and weft create subtle and dramatic forms and color contrasts.

My tapestries are contemplations on:
Edges and transitions
Letting go, fortuitous miscalculations
Finding structure, fighting structure
Patterns and rhythms: pebbled beaches, fallen leaves

Central Asian and Japanese ikats,
woven and printed fabrics, ocean waves,
structures made and found
Color: spring, nature, gardens, weather and atmosphere,
energy, quiet, contradictions,
surprises, nuances
Intention, chance
Reflection and release
What if?
Why not?