dog days of summer

So many dogs in England!! The UK dog population now is around 8 million, that's 23% of the households who own at least one dog!

Dogs have always played a large role in the lives of UK royalty from as early as 1660 when King Charles II came to the throne, through to Queen Victoria who kept as many as 75 dogs, to the current Queen Elizabeth with her five dogs.  All Royal family members currently have dogs.

In Britain dogs are allowed in most hotels, pubs and on all local buses. Even some cafes and restaurants offer dogs a place under the table.

At The Branding Villa pub in Newcastle, pet owners are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere with their four legged loved ones. Instead of serving water, the pub decided that dogs should be able to join in on the craft beer revolution as well. The new beer is made from malt, hops, and meat extract. The beefy beverage is non-alcoholic. Apparently, the taste of the beer is revolting to humans but has dogs gulping it down!

Most popular dogs in the UK: