Albrecht Tübke photography

I just discovered the work of German photographer Albrecht Tübke. His series of portraits, interiors and landscapes of a small German village called Dalliendorf especially caught my eye.
From his website:
"Dalliendorf is a small village in the north-eastern part of Germany. About 150 people are living there. Life is marked by agriculture, it was always like this. I lived in this village for ten years, but its people continued to be strangers to me. One day I left the place to move to a big town.
Suddenly I realised, that people I left, meant more to me than I knew before. But I couldn't imagine to return. The dictance to the village made it possible to take pictures of people and their living space. During this time it was like I said goodbye to them."

“I want to show people from a variety of different backgrounds, as I am interested in the range of ways in which people present their public face. Though constant exposure to the multitude of public personae with which we are presented, we have become anaesthetised to the range of individuals that surround us. In this project, I am attempting to distil out something of the essence of that individual.”