Kirsten Stolle artist


Kirsten Stolle makes abstract narrative paintings and drawings based on human and natural forms. Her pieces are built up using many of mediums: gouache, acrylic paint, ink, oil, graphite and wax. She invents worlds that are frequently strange and ambiguous, her inspiration being ecological and genetics issues.  

Artist Statement: "Over the past few years, I have been interested in creating abstractions based on natural and human forms. Root systems, topographical elements, bones, and biological diagrams are often suggested in my paintings. Allowing for multiple reference points, I reinterpret familiar forms through my personal language of mark making.

I began my career as a printmaker and as in printmaking, my painting process consists of layering and reworking the surface, building up each painting slowly. I manipulate wax, oils, and inks with hand-held and electric tools allowing each piece to develop a sense of history. While there is often some initial planning, the final surface is as much a result of chance as it is control.

I continually seek to achieve a balance between the painted object as is and the negative space surrounding it. Absence of marks is just as important as the mark itself, creating tension between each shape and the edge of the picture plane. Exaggerated weighted forms counterbalance open white areas. Improvisational renderings add an additional evolution to each piece. A sense of humor is added for good measure."